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Salmon with Hollandaise sauce

March 26, 2018
Salmon with Hollandaise sauce recipe

Delicious salmon with Hollandaise sauce is one of those recipes we are sure you will enjoy.

Salmon is a fish you can cook in very different ways and all of them are delicious, and this recipe with Hollandaise sauce is no exception.

Although it is a dish traditionally served in Scotland, it is very popular worldwide.

It has a delicious flavor and an incredible texture that delights our palates when we taste it.

If you would prefer to make the Hollandaise sauce at home, feel free to check out our recipe for it under a separate entry on our website to make this salmon in a completely homemade way.

We assure you the result is marvelous, perfect to serve and enjoy on special occasions, but always remember you must prepare the sauce the moment you are going to use it; it is not something that can be prepared hours beforehand.

If you are looking for a way to impress your guests, this is, without a doubt, an excellent option. Furthermore, you can prepare it very quickly.

Hollandaise sauce is a classic for preparing fish, because they match perfectly.

For this recipe, you can use skinless salmon fillets, as they are usually prepared and sold, or you can use thicker fillets with skin.

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Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Salmon with Hollandaise sauce

Delicious salmon with Hollandaise sauce, a perfect dish to enjoy on special occasions and to surprise everyone present.

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time20 min
  • Total Time30 min
  • YieldRecipient
  • Serving Size100g
  • Energy289 cal


  • Hollandaise sauce
  • 4 slices or fillets of salmon
  • Salt and pepper as desired
  • Olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

How to prepare


Season the salmon with salt and pepper and add the teaspoon of lemon juice.


Then, cook it on a griddle covered sprinkled olive oil, but not too much because the salmon itself contains its own natural oil (more or less 3 minutes on each side).


When the fish is totally cooked, serve it and then add the Hollandaise sauce.


Decorate it as desired and then it will be ready to be enjoyed.


This dish can be paired with baked or mashed potatoes, peas, fresh tomatoes and a vast variety of vegetables, and, of course, a good white wine.

On the other hand, if you do not like grilled salmon, or you do not have a griddle, you can prepare it by wrapping the fillets in aluminum foil with a bit of butter, and then boil them for around 20 minutes on low heat, in a pot with enough water to cover them.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • 4 servings per container
  • Serving Size100g
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories289
  • % Daily Value*
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