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Bechamel Sauce

bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce is consider a mother sauce, what means that serve of base for many recipes of this type.

This one like other sauces already come packing from the factory as popularly it is said , let us say that is an advantage, but nothing compare to make a homemade recipe.

This option is for a moment of being in a hurry or for those who do not like the cook world.

Our  today’s proposal  is that you know this recipe well, the step by step and each cook trick for you to have it perfect.

But before, we invite you to browse a little and investigate the origin of this famous sauce.

History of the Bechamel Sauce.

If it is a popular sauce, which is the dispute because of its origin, did you know that four different owners disputed this place?

That is right, but like everything, only one of these origins is the real one, so that the other three just use to proclaim without any evidence.

So that all the vague histories like the one of some Italians whom tell that some Florentine cook of the queen Catalina de Medici created the sauce in France when accompany her for the marriage in 1533 with Enrique II Orleans.

So that the version of the duke Philippe de Mornay, governor of Saumur and lord of the Plessis as well, and the third one lack of evidence, the one of the marquess Louis de Bechamel.

We banish all these to keep with the one that seem to be the authentic origin of the creation of the Bechamel sauce

We refer to the written evidence in the book Le Cuisinier Francois in 1651 whose author was Luis XIV, Francois Pierre de la Varenne cook.

In this book, it can be find the original recipe that, according to his author, he named like this in tribute to the marquis Louis de Bechamel.

If you noticed it, we had mentioned among the unbelievable histories, and here is why?

Because he was not who created it, but also that it was contemporary with Varenne and it is said that it was its creator because he simply thought to add the sauce to a salt cod.

To summarized, the Bechamel sauce is of french origin and it is attribute to the Italian cook.

Bechamel sauce derivatives

The Bechamel sauce is also known as White sauce and it is the base for many others.

It has several derivatives that are also delicious and with a creamy texture, with a dense consistence.

To all the variants different ingredients are add to achieve a combination of flavors that make them unique, like the Bechamel sauce with cheese.

Some of them can be accompany with fish, other with White meat like  chicken , as well as pastes , eggs, vegetables and more.

For example, we have the sauces:

  • Aurora
  • Mornay
  • Villaroy
  • Soubise
  • Nantua

What recipes can I make with Bechamel sauce?

This sauce admits many recipes that you even imagine; we mention for you some of the most popular.

You can prepare them at home and taste with your friends and Family, they are perfect for all the occasions.

  • Lasagne
  • Cannelonis
  • Chicken in bechamel sauce
  • Cauliflower with bechamel and ham.
  • Cauliflower with bechamel at pesto sauce
  • Au   Gratin Mussels
  • Au gratin meat ball in tomato sauce and bechamel
  • Poached eggs with bechamel and spinach
  • Pepper
  • Asparagus
  • Codfish
  • Croquettes
  • Stuffed potatoes with meat and bechamel
  • Broccoli with bechamel and cheese
  • Artichoke with highly   seasoned pork sausage.
  • Millefeuille of mushrooms and bechamel

How to make bechamel sauce

If you want that your Lasagne or Cannelonis remind as if you were who cooked it , just follow these steps.

Bechamel sauce is ideal to accompany these dishes, let us say that it is its complement by excellence.

To make the bechamel sauce recipe is very simple and fast, but it is important to take into account one than other secret to remind us with the best possible texture.

The Best texture is the one that remind without any lump, we say this because is very common that many persons remind like this.

It can happens during the first time that it is elaborated, but if you put into practice our advices, you will achieve it in the first attempt.

The main secret is to add the milk systematically without stopping stirring it, it is better to use a beater or manual rod for this step.

It is more practical than a spoon or ladle and it helps us to get the result that we are looking for.

Let us, then to know how to make the bechamel sauce, its ingredients and elaboration.

Bechamel sauce recipe

bechamel sauce recipe

The bechamel is considered as one of the most important sauce of the kitchen all over the world, that it is accompany with almost all type of dish, it has derivatives and versions from its original recipe , all of them agreeable too.

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Cook Time10 min
  • Total Time15 min
  • YieldRecipient
  • Energy105 cal


  • • 50 gram of butter
  • • 1 big spoon of cornmeal( about 25- 30 gram)
  • • 500ml of full- cream - milk
  • • 1/3 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • • 1 pinch of salt
  • • grinded black pepper to taste

How to make

how to make bechamel sauce

In a Casserole over low heat, melt the butter.


When it gets liquid, add the cornmeal and stir well with the beater to mix them well.


Later, add the milk, which it must be warm, (no hot) and remember to do it at stream-to-stream and stirring without stopping until you had thrown all the milk.


It is cook over low heat until get the desired point, that is when lift the beater and some sort of continued thread is formed.


Then, when throw the salt, the nutmeg and the black peeper, mix during 1 minute and remove from the flame.


Some prefer to use oil instead of butter, in this way, you can disregard of the black peeper if you do not like it or in another case to substitute it by white peeper.

This one has a lighter flavor, moreover the black dots will not be notice.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • 4 servings per container
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories105
  • % Daily Value*

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